Yayasan Peneraju is an initiative that focuses on strengthening the capacity building towards sustainable Bumiputera talents.

Among the objectives of Yayasan Peneraju are improving the quality, quantity and effectiveness of Bumiputera talents in line with the efforts to develop Malaysia towards a high-income nation through its structured academic, vocational and professional certification programmes.

Since its establishment in 2012 it has realized the aspirations of more than 30,000 beneficiaries through its 261 funding programs with an allocation of RM679.8 million received during its eight- year tenure.

Among other certifications, Yayasan Peneraju has been grooming aspiring professional accountants since its inception in 2012. Year 2020 will see Yayasan Peneraju giving emphasis on other areas including Technology.

For the next five consecutive days, Malaysianewstv will be sharing tips from Yayasan Peneraju Profesional scholars to inspire others to do the best in study and life. These scholars have achieved CAT Global Prize Winner in their respective examinations. They are all co-sponsored with Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) and currently pursuing their ACCA at IPAC Education.

Nur Farisya Noor Mazli scored 100% for FA2 (Managing Financial Records) paper and receive CAT Global Prize Winner. She was ranked number 1 in both Malaysia and in the world together with 4 other Yayasan Peneraju scholars and other achievers during the same year examination sitting.

Farisya shares 4 study tips:

1. Be positive even when the grades hit you hard.
2. Complete your homework and try not to copy others.
3. Before you sit for exams, make sure to contact your parents and ask for du’a.
4. Take out a piece of paper and write down your target marks for each subject and pin it at a spot you
can see every day.